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About Us


Whether it’s a cockroach, bed bug or termite infestation or a wildlifeinvasion, we have the expertise to eliminate pest problems quickly andreliably.

At Expert Exterminating Philadelphia, we proudly serve Philadelphia andthe surrounding region in providing a variety of professional pest controlservices for homes and businesses. Whether you need a one-time servicecall or a regular maintenance schedule, we start with our comprehensive,onsite inspection to identify the problem before we apply our tried and trueeradication methods.

Our onsite inspection will always determine the specific pest treatmentoptions that will work best. And while they all work, we will always choosethe ideal combined solution to rid your life of any identified pest problemsonce and for all. We handle all types of pests that homes, and businessesacross the icy encounter including ants, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches,spiders, fleas and tick, and rodents and other wildlife.In all cases, early detection is the key to removing any pest controlproblem. Do you know or suspect you’ve got a pest issue? Don’t wait for itto become a more serious problem. Contact us today at 215-261- 7007 for aprofessional, onsite inspection.

How Do We Work?

If you think pests have invaded your home turf, it's time to put an end tothem before they continue to wreak havoc. Call us today. At 215-261- 7007to schedule an appointment for onsite inspection.

After our onsite inspection and detection of any problem, we use state-ofthe art equipment and techniques, and our experts will inspect your homeenvironment to identify the type and source of your infestation anddetermine the best course of action. We're committed to providing a quick,affordable, and effective solution to your pest problem, and we take everymeasure to protect your safety throughout the process.

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